Food labelling system under investigation by EU


The European Union (EU) has instructed authorities in the UK to address complaints about the British ‘traffic light’ food classification system. The ‘traffic light’ system, which is optional for producers of  food, labels products with red, yellow or green symbols to indicate fat, salt and sugar content to consumers. However, complaints have been  received from countries including France, Spain and Italy about the system being too simplistic, and failing to distinguish between junk food and traditional Mediterranean products with naturally high levels of fat. The European Commission (EC) began an infringement procedure in February 2014, to determine whether the system complies with EU regulations on free movement of goods. Miguel Sagredo, an EC spokesman on industry and entrepreneurship, stated: “The concern that we have is that the system is likely to make the marketing of some products more difficult and therefore hinder or impede trade between EU countries.”
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