American BBQ Co

The American BBQ Company has been supplying the best of genuine American-style commercial smoker ovens and backyard pellet smoker grills to restaurants and lovers of real barbecue in the UK and Europe for over eight years, and has seen a three-fold increase in turnover since 2010. We are the sole UK/EU distributors of Cookshack’s SmartSmoker and Fast Eddy’s grand championship winning 100% wood-burning commercial smoker ovens.  We hold the same rights in the consumer market for Green Mountain Grills’ pellet smoker-grills, which launch fully this year.  Our commercial smokers can be found in the kitchens of most of the best authentic BBQ joints in the country, as well as in pubs, clubs and restaurants putting their own unique spin on low-and-slow cooking over smoke! And we expect great things of Green Mountain Grills, not least because we were selling product over the winter!

The Maylands Business Centre has provided us with a base we’ve been able to expand in, a support structure that has helped smooth the transition from home business to limited company, and access to a group of like-minded business people who have provided invaluable advice.